Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Poem

T called my voicemail at work today while I was in a meeting to read me a poem he had just written. He gave me permission to share it, so it appears below, verbatim. I hope it will communicate to some potential foster/adoptive parent out there why--although I'm sure my story sounds horrifying of late--I would never think twice about doing it all over again.

It goes:

"I was truly blessed to have met you guys.
God placed me in a place I can be taken care of through his eyes.
You guys are my angels, I love you so much.
I found you or you found me.
Either way we became a family.
I am happy. I know you guys are too.
You stood by my side when some would have run.
I am happy that I can reach out and know there will be a hand.
You don't care of the obstacles, you will fight through it.
You understand me when some can't. We are similar in many ways.
We're intelligent too.
I love you guys. I'm glad to know you love me too.
We've been through so much, but the good thing is, we never gave up.
We are survivors through this difficult phase.
We are truly blessed."


Sara said...

that is beautiful

Gab said...

See what he did there? He started with "I" and "you guys" and ended with "We". T is part of a we, that is so big.

Anonymous said...

I love your T. He sure seems a lot like my Older Kid. :)

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