Thursday, July 8, 2010


There are so many meaningful things to say about being a foster/adoptive parent to a teenager, but its also just really fun:

- I currently have a command of the lyrics to popular songs that defies most members of my demographic.

- It's fun living with someone who still watches cartoons but also knows how to read a subway map and navigate in the car.

- Thanks to T., I can do the dougie and the charlie brown, and I even invented my own dance move, which I call "the scarecrow".

- I love Monday nights when we go to the movies in our matching pajamas that T. bought for us for Christmas.

- I really like shopping with him. He has great taste and his teenage obsession with switching up his style now and then is great fun. Adults should try it more often.

- When he's happy and wants to show it, he tickles my feet, bites my nose, or pulls on my hair. I grew up an eldest and I'm not used to being teased. It makes me feel great.

- I am a total jock, and I finally have a live-in competitor who keeps me striving. So far this year I broke one finger playing football with him and another when we took snowboarding lessons; we also tried surfing, rockclimbing, bowling, hiking and this summer we've planned to try indoor skydiving and waterskiing.

- I know how to play Fight Night, Madden 10 and Wii tennis now.

- Taken with the right amount of humor and distance, the ups and downs of teen social life are like having a soap opera play out right in your own home.

- We always have Doritos and ice cream in the house now.

I think there's a lot written about the difficulties of fostering and adopting teenagers and perhaps not so much about the joys. I'd love to hear from some other parents about what you do for fun.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post!!! Thank you for reminding me of the good!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

NO you DO NOT go the the movies in matching jammies!!!! LMAO!!!! That is awesome and you got more cajones than me!!!

Hmmm, fun things.... well I have found I can tolerate a lot more pink than I thought, that's maybe not what you meant. It's fun playing board games again, and it's fun trying to hold back without the kid (mine are 5 and 7) noticing!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

We began by fostering teen girls (YIKES!!!) and were always staunch advocates for parenting teens... then along came 8 year old Bobby visiting his teen sibling who was with us in foster care... we fell in love and adopted him 2 years ago. We are again looking to adopt and seem to be leaning towards older (12-15) boys or a sibling group. You blog so enthusiastically about your special teen! Lucky.

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