Sunday, August 9, 2009

....One more thing.

I posted about our day with T. and then realized I haven't communicated lately why we like him so much! So here's the list:
- He is exactly as he first seemed, but more so - something I love in a person.
- He is extremely gentle and attentive to younger children and animals. He has a nonverbal bond with animals that's very moving to see.
- He is very contemplative and almost zen in his stillness. Surely he's inhibited after a chaotic childhood, but his stillness and thoughtfulness are obviously also a part of who he is.
- He's introverted, so when he speaks, he says exactly what he means because he took time to think it first. You can hear his mind working all the time.
- He has a mature and clever appreciation of humor and teasing.
- He is physically very graceful.
- He committed to this adoption process, though his foster mom and his social worker both say he repeatedly voiced skepticism that anybody would want him because of his age. I am truly awed by the self-possession and focus it takes to be 15 and go in search of adoptive parents.
- He smells like fabric softener all the time.

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